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How an Asian family Office incorporated climate change mitigation into its portfolio

The RS Group, a Hong Kong-based family office, incorporates climate change goals into the fund's investment portfolio.

Why ‘Impact Investing’ Will Pay Off In 401(K) Performance

Investment growth clichés aside, more 401(k) participants are turning to impact investing.

The Difference Between B Corps and Benefit Corporations

Many people use the terms “B Corp” and “Benefit Corporation” interchangeably. While similar in concept, there are important differences.

Introducing the Impact Investing Benchmark

A comprehensive analysis of the financial performance of market rate private equity and venture capital impact investing funds from Cambridge Associates and the Global Impact Investing Network

Eyes on the Horizon

2015 edition of the GIIN and J.P. Morgan annual impact investory survey

Blue Haven Iniative

An example of a successful modern Impact Investing portfolio

ImpactAssets provides philanthropist and individual investors with resources to engage in the field of impact investing

Impact Investing’s Three Measurement Tools

IRIS, PULSE, and GIIRS may sound like alphabet soup, but a growing and dynamic industry needs all three measurement tools.

Impact Investing: An Introduction

An excellent guide to the fundamentals of modern impact investment

Global Impact Investing Network's IRIS tool

The most powerful and widely used tool for impact metric measurement available.